Participatory techniques

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The SUPERA core team members participated in a training facilitated by Yellow Window with the aims:

  • to learn about the use of Gender Equality Hubs, Fab Labs to co-create actions within GEPs, and the use of participatory techniques
  • to become more confident in the use of co-creation and participatory techniques
  • to learn new participatory techniques that can be used for co-creation
  • to be empowered for using strategic framing to obtain management support for the GEP

Discover and download the participatory techniques:

Objective of the technique: Make participants aware of the oppressive forces that act upon them, by deconstructing power structures.

Objective of the technique: Collect opinions from a group of people interested in a specific topic in order to build a common understanding and a good cooperation on some strategic objectives and action plans. The aim is to reach a solution (which implies making a decision).

Objective of the technique: Identify problems and reformulate objectives.

Objective of the technique: Identify innovative strategies for social change.

Objective of the technique: Create different inspired and productive working groups, active on various issues.