International advisory board

Our international advisory board is made up of scholars and policymakers with considerable field expertise in topics such as: gender statistics, data mining, assistance to the victims of sexual harassment and gender‐based violence, gender equality and diversity policies in complex organizations, impact of gender diversity on research performance.

Jörg Müller, Open University of Catalonia (ES).

He is senior researcher at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute in Barcelona, where he participates in the Gender and ICT research program. He obtained his PhD in Communications from the European Graduate School in Switzerland, and holds a degree in Sociology and Computer Science from the Free‐University in Berlin, Germany. He has been an expert advisor to the European Commission’s Research and Innovation DG. His research interests include practice-based approach to gender (in)equality, especially in relation to the evaluation of professional knowledge, and data-intensive research methods within social sciences. He coordinated the FP7 project GenPORT and the H2020 project GEDII. In SUPERA, Jörg Müller is the chair of the advisory board.

Anne‐Laure Humbert, Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice at Oxford Brookes University (UK).

Anne‐Laure Humbert is a researcher with extensive experience in the area of women and gender issues in the economy and society, with special reference to work and organizations, entrepreneurship and work‐life balance. She is an expert in the application of advanced quantitative methods of comparative social and economic analysis. From 2012 to 2015 she was Gender Expert (Research, Statistics, Indices) at the European Institute for Gender Equality, where she actively contributed to developing the EIGE’s Gender Equality Index.

Nicole Huyghe, Boobook (BE).

A Bio‐engineer (University of Ghent) with a Master’s degree in Applied statistics (University of California at Berkeley), in 2002 she founded Boobook, after spending five years in the market research industry in London and a few years at Procter & Gamble in Brussels. Boobook is a small but dynamic and innovative analytical consultancy firm, focusing on the better use of data to support improved decision‐making.

Miguel Lorente, University of Granada (ES).

Full Professor at the Department of Legal Medicine, Toxicology and Physical Anthropology, he is also Secretary for Equality and Conciliation at the University of Granada. He was formerly General Director for Legal Aid to Victims of violence at the regional ministry of Justice of Andalusia. In 2008‐2011 Lorente was appointed the Government’s delegate for gender‐based violence, attached to the Ministry of Gender Equality. He has extensively published on gender‐based violence, bioethics and DNA analysis, and regularly writes on these issues in the daily newspaper El País.

Jean‐Michel Monnot, All Inclusive (FR).

Founder of All Inclusive, a consultancy agency working with major companies on developing gender and diversity strategies, until 2016 he was Vice President for Group Diversity & Inclusion at Sodexo, the world’s 18th largest employer. In this role, he greatly contributed to the group’s advancements in promoting gender parity (ranking 1st among the top‐100 French companies for women’s access to leadership). Sodexo received the Catalyst award in 2012 and ranked 1st in the annual ranking of Diversity Inc in 2013. He was appointed a member of the French High Gender Equality Council in 2016.