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The way scientific knowledge is designed and developed continues to be influenced by the gender inequalities that affect our society as a whole.

When the research methods don’t take into due consideration the variables connected to gender, scientific results are impoverished. Poorer scientific results mean a lot of opportunities missed for all of us.

Gender equality means granting equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities to all people, regardless of their gender.

The focus of the H2020 SUPERA project is on gender equality in scientific research because the research and higher education sector has peculiarities that require specific action to overcome the situation we call “gender gap”.

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How we work

The main aim of the SUPERA project is to develop and implement six Gender Equality Plans in four universities and two research funding organizations. Thanks to this work, we are seeking to understand in a deeper way the reasons behind gender inequality in research organizations and to take action against the biases that may affect scientific research.

The measures we will be able to adopt are related to career management, workplace wellbeing, decision-making processes, the presence of a gender dimension in research contents and knowledge transfer activities, gender stereotypes.

SUPERA is a Horizon 2020 project: it started in June 2018 and will end in May 2022.


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