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Among RFOs, we register an increasing interest on the design and implementation of measures to improve the impact of their funding schemes on gender equality. Sometimes these measures may take the form of a Gender Equality Plan, or of a policy, or other individual measures.

The goal of this page is to gather useful materials that might be interesting for any institution willing to introduce gender equality measures in its activities.

Resources & examples

We developed a tool that brings together resources and examples of measures that RFOs can take to promote gender equality during the typical cycle of a call for proposals. The tool is available at this link and also on Miro at this link.

Training & knowledge sharing

SUPERA has launched a series of webinars and online workshops to facilitate experience exchanges between Research Funding Organisations that develop – or plan to develop – a Gender Equality policy.

In this section you can find the video recordings and the presentations held by guest speakers during these events:

Gender equality plans

The two research funding institutions participating to the SUPERA Consortium, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna and Agencia Estatal de Investigación, have approved their Gender Equality Plans. Here they are:

RAS Gender Equality Plan – Piano per l’uguaglianza di genere nella ricerca (approved in July 2020)
Agencia Estatal de Investigación – Plan de Igualdad de Género (spanish version) – Gender Equality Plan 2021-2023 (english version) (approved in January 2021)


The Spanish State Research Agency has issued a series of e-learning training modules on different aspects of gender equality in R+D+I, developed in collaboration with the Women and Science Unit of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, as part of the actions foreseen in the I Gender Equality Plan of the Agency 2021-2023.

Visit the page on the website of the Spanish State Research Agency: E-learning training modules on different aspects of gender equality in R+D+I, for R+D+I financing activities

Visit the section dedicated to training resources on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Science and innovation: Recursos didácticos 

Here is the full list of video trainings (in Spanish language, with self-generated English captions):

The sister project GENDERACTION produced a video on the role of funding agencies in the promotion of gender equality in research and innovation.

Reading list

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