Reading list for research funding organisations

We selected a list of relevant references for RFOs. Do you know other references that deserve to be added to the list? Send us a message via the contact form!

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  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research- Institute of Health and Gender. “Sex and Gender Training Modules.” Accessed August 26, 2020:

  • Doona, Annie. “Addressing Gender Inequality in Academia: The Role of Irish Funding Agencies” in Drew, Eileen P., and Siobhán Canavan, editors. The Gender-Sensitive University: A Contradiction in Terms? Routledge, 2020:

  • European Commission. “Implicit Gender Biases During Evaluations: How to Raise Awareness and Change Attitudes?” Brussels, May 2017: LINK

  • “Interim Evaluation: Gender Equality as a Crosscutting Issue in Horizon 2020.” Brussels, 2017: LINK

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  • GEECCO. “Best Practice Examples of Gender Mainstreaming in Research Funding Organizations”, 2017: LINK

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  • GENDER-NET. “IGAR Tool: Recommendations for Integrating Gender Analysis into Research.” Accessed August 26, 2020:

  • GLOBAL Research Council, “Supporting Women in Research: Policies, Programs and Initiatives Undertaken by Public Research Funding Agencies”, April 2019:  LINK  

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