Project Description

Project outcomes

This page gathers a selection of relevant resources, such as the gender equality plans approved within SUPERA, resources specifically selected for RFOs, the project deliverables, the media kit, the presentations produced during the project and much more.
Please feel free to share the resources you find interesting: unless otherwise stated, all the materials are released under a CREATIVE COMMONS Attribution ShareAlike CC BY-SA license.

In this section you can find the Gender Equality Plans approved within SUPERA by our partner RFOs and RPOs.

Resources and tools specifically selected for research funding organisations interested in fostering gender equality.

A toolkit for research organisations developed by Lucy Ferguson and Lut Mergaert.

Guidelines, reports and publications on the topic of gender-sensitive communication.

Our cards describe five participatory techniques useful to start a co-design process related to gender equality policies.

This page collects the public deliverables of the SUPERA project, all available with Creative Commons licenses.

We’d like to share with you the slides of presentations used by speakers during SUPERA events.

A selection of papers, podcasts, magazines and useful links covering the topic of gender equality in research.