Project Description


Here we will collect all the relevant resources we discover while working at SUPERA: links, articles, data sources, slides and much more. Sharing these materials, we hope we will contribute to building a more gender equality-aware society. Please feel free to share everything you find interesting: unless otherwise stated, all the materials are released under a CREATIVE COMMONS Attribution ShareAlike CC BY-SA license.

P.S. we’ll be glad to add your suggestions to the list: email useful links and materials to info@superaproject.it or send us a DM on our Twitter account @SUPERAproject.

Institutions, programmes and projects related to gender and research that share useful data and analysis.

Articles, reports and conference proceedings about gender equality in research that might be useful for you too!

Here you can find the links to projects regarding gender equality in research funded under Horizon 2020.

If you are a fan of audio podcasts, here’s our selection of programmes centring on gender issues. Enjoy!

Columns regarding gender topics on generalist newspapers plus specialized blogs and e-magazines.

We’d like to share with you the slides of presentations used by speakers during SUPERA events.

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