Papers, reports and conference proceedings

This toolkit aims to challenge dominant diversity management practices to shift toward an intersectional approach to diversity management, proposing an approach that interrogates power structures within organisations. Published by the European Network Against Racism in December 2017.

The presentations given during the international conference on sexual harassment in academia, organized by Associazione Donne & Scienza and the European Platform of Women Scientists in Semptember 2018.

In April 2018 The Chronicle of Higher Education Review asked presidents and adjuncts, scientists and humanists, senior scholars and junior professors to take on the theme of women and power in academe. Here are their responses.

This book aims to advance the debate on the process of precarisation in higher education and its gendered effects, focusing particularly on early careers. Edited by Annalisa Murgia and Barbara Poggio, 2018.

An international research review by Fredrik Bondestam and Maja Lundqvist (Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research at the University of Gothenburg) on the topic of sexual harassment in academia (2018).

Anyone willing to create change in an environment needs to reduce the barriers and to recognize the strategies to do this: this handbook (2016), result of the Festa FP7 project, is addressed to change agents and researchers engaged in gender equality projects both in academic and non-academic institutions.

The database, developed during EGERA FP7 project (2016), includes three types of actions: 1) Gender Perspective in Research Contents, research projects, patents, agreements or product’s design; 2) Training, counseling, awareness-raising, funding and scientific transfer or dissemination; 3) Gender Equality in Research Teams.

University curricula play a fundamental role in transmitting knowledge, practises and culture. Here are 23 good practices collected from the partners of FP7 EGERA project (2016).

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